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Ecommerce Shipping Integration

Allows you to connect shipping channels for complete order processing and shipment with excellent service.


Multi Channel Inventory Management FedEx automates the order fulfillment process and makes the shipment tracking process more simpler.

Canada Post

Integrate Multichannel Selling Software for easy tracking of mail letters and ship parcels to sell from online stores with Canada Post.


ERP Gold offers a direct connection to USPS an affordable shipping service for convenient Shipping of all your multi-channel orders.


Multi Channel ERP Software makes it convenient for entrepreneurs to work with Shippo for e-commerce business.


Ship your Multi-channel orders worldwide with the world largest delivery service integrated with ERP Gold.


Multi Channel Inventory Management ShipStation helps to manage ship orders by saving time and money on e-commerce order fulfillment.

Connect all your e-Commerce channels with reliable Shipping Software

  • Integrate all your marketing channels such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, shopify etc. with best shipping software.
  • Compare Rates of different carrier services to choose the one that goes with your affordability.
  • Tracking services let you and your customer to track order during whole shipment process.

Multiple shipping Channels integration to choose one best suit your affordability

Integrating ERP Gold for multichannel ecommerce management will help in identifying KPIs of order processing which is important to plan upcoming investment, sales and marketing strategy. KPIs determine based on automation of order processing can be:

  • Per Day Order Rate
  • Per Day Shipping Rate
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Demand forecast accuracy
  • Perfect Order Percentage
  • Orders Returned rate per day

Cater all reports and analytics to learn about product performance and customer purchasing behavior across all channels.

Synchronize stock Levels with Shipping Software to always keep your inventory optimized

Synchronize multiple best shipping software for e-commerce with inventory stocks to automatically update stock levels after every order delivered. Gain control and visibility to monitor stock levels and avoid any low or out-of-stock situation. Apply available stock based on warehouse location or other accessible metrics.

Print Shipping Labels with greater ease

Print Shipping Labels directly from ERP Gold Dashboard. Print multiple labels for a shipment require more than one package. Print return Labels to generate a pre-paid pre-addressed postage label which enable your customers to effortlessly return the purchased item. Void a shipping label for a cancelled order in just a single click.

Multi channel (Marketplaces) Integration

With ERP Gold, integrate third party APIs so you can manage all your solutions in one location. Inventory Control, sync & management with Marketplaces, Order Management, Online Shipping, Tracking & Labeling

ERP Gold Overall Multichannel Interation Facility

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