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IMEI Tracking

ERP Gold's Mobile ERP software provides you the ability to Track IMEI's of all devices from vendor to repair to customers.

Inventory System

Keep Inventory organized and centralized. Inventory update with major marketplaces e.g. e bay, Amazon, Walmart at your website.

Repair Tracking

ERP Gold's Mobile ERP software also Tracks which devices have gotten repaired and by whom, when and cost of repair.

Multi Channel Order Management

Order sync with e bay, Walmart, or wholesale forum system or use Point of Sales.

Best Cloud Based Free ERP Software


  • Cloud Based

    Our cloud-based system offers a secure SSL connection for easy, encrypted access from anywhere in the world.

  • Integrated Business Operations

    By integrating your CRM with the rest of our ERP suite, you save valuable time and optimize business process flow.

  • Understand What's Working

    Monitor and track social media engagement, SEO, Adwords, and Website analytics to gain new insights for optimizing your marketing funnel.

  • Top Level Security

    SSL technology for secure connectivity. The data centers that host your data are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year.

Benefits of ERP Gold’s Customized ERP Software

ERP Gold is a Complete Solution for mobile devices Sellers and Re-Sellers or Repair Shops, for Wholesale or Retail, ERP Gold's Customized Mobile ERP software provides complete tracking of a device and control on inventory and costing. Start from Creating Po's to Device sorting process and supports with POS and Marketplace integration. ERP Gold's Customized Mobile ERP software is a goldmine for Electronic devices wholesale or retail

Inventory System

Order Management

Point of Sales System (P.O.S)

Complete Accounting

Easy Email Marketing

Client Relationship System

Executive Level Dashboard

Customizable to your needs

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Third Party Integration

With ERP Gold, integrate third party APIs so you can manage all your solutions in one location.

Third Party Integration

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