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Marketplaces Integration

ERP Gold as a marketplace management provider collects your product data once and matches it according to the requirement of Paypal, Wish, Best Buy, Amazon, eBay, FaceBook, FedEx, Houzz, NewBlue, Walmart, Twitter and many more.


Multi Channel ERP Software helps you to increase the number of sales orders in online purchasing and engage more potential customers.


ERP Gold Multi Channel Inventory Management eBay allows easy management and selling electronics, cars & clothes etc.


ERP Gold Multi Channel Inventory Management Software is a unified platform to keep your stock organized on Walmart.

Best Buy

Inventory Management Software for All Online Marketplace supports efficient inventory management of your online shopping products.


Multi Channel Ecommerce Order Management Software helps sellers to manage orders, view purchase history and generate reports in real-time.


Effective use Of Multi Channel ERP Software for Houzz enlists, manages and optimizes all products of architecture, interior design and decorating.

Fulfillment By Amazon

Multi Channel Inventory Management Fulfillment By Amazon empowers you to create a flawless experience for consumers and assists in order tracking, order picking and its packing and order shipment.


Multi Channel ERP Software provides everything which you may require on FaceBook and to connect with more customers.

E-Commerce Channels Integration

Supports to sell on the top channels of e-commerce and marketplaces at a time by managing inventories efficiently and complete order processing successfully.


Record Orders, stock, shipping information and unit details in less time and money.


Expand your business with ultimate customer satisfaction by exchanging the data between woo commerce store and ERP Gold.


ERP Gold enables Bi-directional, automated data integration to multi-stores.


ERP Gold enables automated data integration to the most popular ASP.NET shopping cart.

Shipping Channels Integration

Allows you to connect shipping channels for complete order processing and shipment with excellent service.


Multi Channel Inventory Management FedEx automates the order fulfillment process and makes the shipment tracking process more simpler.


ERP Gold offers a direct connection to USPS an affordable shipping service for convenient Shipping of all your multi-channel orders.


Ship your Multi-channel orders worldwide with the world largest delivery service integrated with ERP Gold.

Canada Post

Integrate Multichannel Selling Software for easy tracking of mail letters and ship parcels to sell from online stores with Canada Post.


Multi Channel ERP Software makes it convenient for entrepreneurs to work with Shippo for e-commerce business.


Multi Channel Inventory Management ShipStation helps to manage ship orders by saving time and money on e-commerce order fulfillment.


Benefits of ERP Gold’s Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software

ERP Gold is a unified platform for all your online marketers, wholesalers, retailers and connects their Market Places and e-commerce platforms (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce) together. ERP Gold multi-channel selling software allows you to keep your stock organized as well as keep records of what items are being packaged, picked or shipped out in real-time. ERP Gold multi-channel ERP software Manages recurring reorders, easily view purchase history and generate reports in no time.

ERP Gold provides an all in one multichannels inventory, sales and shipping solution. Our multichannel management system supports all popular online market places like Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart. Our customized and low cost multichannel solution provides easy and quick integration with Amazon, eBay & Wal-Mart. This allows for easy exchange of data, improved customer service, and efficient strategic decision-making.

The biggest challenge of multi-channel selling is efficient inventory management. Hence, it is important to have a centralized solution for managing inventory which is only possible if multiple platforms are integrated inone single source to manage & update your inventory through a centralized management console. So whether your business operates on a B2C website like Shopify, or a B2B platform like AliBaba, ERP Gold provides a complete, low cost & customized multichannel software solution to meet with your online marketplace business.

Multi channel (Marketplaces) Integration

With ERP Gold, integrate third party APIs so you can manage all your solutions in one location. Inventory Control, sync & management with Marketplaces, Order Management, Online Shipping, Tracking & Labeling

ERP Gold Overall Multichannel Interation Facility

ERP Gold Multi Channel Integration Software Overview

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