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Retail Solutions

Today’s retailers are not just local. WIth websites that can reach brand new audiences and customers leveraging the Internet for information about your products, a more integrated approach to data puts you at a competitive advantage. ERP Gold gives you Point of sale software with inventory management, it has improved inventory visibility, enhanced sales and customer management, and real time access to financial information whether you are a single store or have multiple locations.


Let ERP Gold handle all your Point of Sale transactions with the help of its POS module. It is a Point of sale software with Inventory Management.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

All your Accounting & Bookkeeping solutions will be under one system.


With Media Center module users can run E-mail marketing campaigns. We provide Customized Email Campaign Management.

Website Integration

ERP Gold allows customer website integration.

Customer Management

Get better insight into what your customers are doing and stay in communication with them more consistently


Have real-time visibility with a dashboard that can give you an overarching view of your business.


Keep track of your inventory to make sure items are visible and in stock to meet your customer needs. We provide Point of sale and easy order management to Small Businesses & Startups


  • Cloud Based

    Our cloud-based system offers a secure SSL connection for easy, encrypted access from anywhere in the world.

  • Integrated Business Operations

    By integrating your accounting systems with the rest of our ERP suite, you save valuable time and optimize business process flow.

  • Top Level Security

    SSL technology for secure connectivity. The data centers that host your data are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year.

“Intuitive use. You can easily log in from any part of the world and access your account. There are links that exist between part of transaction (quote, SO, PO) that lets you easily navigate through the workload.”

Mario FieldsCEO

“Thanks for giving me beta access. Loved the easy to learn interface, the dashboard did a really good job of putting the most valuable information right in front of me.”

Jean WongProject Manager

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Third Party Integration

With ERP Gold, integrate third party APIs so you can manage all your solutions in one location.

ERP Gold Overall Multichannel Interation Facility

Rana RahimRetail