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No. There are no long term contract. ERP Gold is a monthly subscription service. You can discontinue the service at any time through control panel.

ERP Gold is a B2B service, An “Account” means a company or a business entity.

An Account can have multiple users.

A company or business entity with at least one active user.

No, ERP Gold system requires at least one active user.

An Admin can activate and deactivate users.

Through the control/admin panel you can restrict the access of a user to different modules or forms or reports.

Subscription means to allow the Use of ERP Gold services


User subscription means the no of users allowed that can use the ERP Gold services simultaneously or at the same time, at any given time.

There is no limit to add users, however the “Active Users” out of your total users cannot exceed the no of subscriptions. For example an account have 5 user subscriptions, admin can add as many users as he wants through control panel, but the no of users that can be activated at any given time cannot exceed 5.

Yes you can add more users at any time, you can buy more user subscriptions through your admin control.

Yes, you can add user subscriptions at any time of the month, however there is no discount on monthly billing cycle. So regardless when you subscribe during the month you will be charged for the full service of that month.

We charge your credit card every 2nd   day of each month, so our monthly billing cycle is from the 2nd day of the month to the 2nd day of the next month.


Yes there are services that are not included in basic subscription, for example integration of PayPal or credit card to your account, integration of FedEx or other shipping services with your account.

Extra services are available through ERP Gold Store


Some services are restricted based on users, and you have to assign from Admin/Control panel that which users will be using these services but most services are available to all users in your account once subscribed however you can restrict the users access to them as you want via the admin panel?


You can discontinue at any time by logging in to your account and fill out the Discontinue service form available in the control panel.

It takes about 24 hours to discontinue your account re-occurring payments, however your access to the account is disabled immediately.

No, you will not be charged if you discontinue the service on the last day of the month.

No you will not be refunded, if you chose to close the account on any date it is your choice. You will not be charged for the next month however there will be no refund for the remaining days of that current month.


We provide the supports to our clients, via support forum  24/7 or by phone during normal business hours from M-F 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. 248-581-9001.


No ERP Gold does not have any open API yet, however this is a work in progress and API’s will be available soon.

Yes of course ERP works with following email providers Google and Outlook. You’ll never have to worry about your email not syncing with ERP.

The safety of your data is a top priority for us. ERP follows the same security and encryption standards that financial institutions and public companies require. Visit our security page for all the gory details.

We accept payments through credit card.

If you forgot your password then go to FORGOT PASSWORD link and click on it. If your account will be available on ERP then you will receive an EMAIL instantly there will be a link you have to click on it and it will take to you ERP site where you can set your password.

We didn’t provide multi-languages yet. Just English language is available.


Anyone can use the ERP Gold as long as the system full fill its needs.


Yes ERP Gold is customizable to your needs, ERP Gold Cloud can be customized on limited bases to fulfill your needs, and a fully customized version of ERP Gold is available as ERP Gold Enterprise.

Feel free to call or email us we can work with you to create a solution that is 100% customized purely based on your needs.

Based on the requirements, for example a custom built special report can cost from $200.

Yes you can chose to run ERP Gold Enterprise version at your server at your office, please feel free to call or email us for more details.

No, ERP Gold is available as a complete system, you can chose to use the portion of the system, and however the subscription is not available for different modules.

Yes you can export your data from different modules, for example you can export your lead list, customer list, vendor list, invoicing and PO’s bank transactions and lot of other data available in different modules.

No there is no limit to export your data.

The exported data will be in CSV format, you can use it as you like that is your data.

Feel free to email or call us, we support our clients in their business needs

Different modules have functionalities available to import data into ERP Gold, for example you can import your lead list, customers, vendors, inventory and many other things into ERP Gold.

ERP Gold takes data, in the form of CSV and XL sheets.


Feel free to call or email us for consulting, we support our clients where it is possible to import data.

Please visit this page for the details of modules offer


You can write your question in the forum and will get a quick reply on Community Forum