Shipping with ERP Gold

From Packing to Tracking

All-In-One Shipping with ERP Gold

Integrated with the shipping channels you currently use. The process of packing, shipping and tracking has never been easier. ERP Gold flawlessly transfers your inventory, creates the necessary labels, tracks your product to its destination, and creates the corresponding journal entries and reports.

ERP Gold | Shipping

Transfer Goods

Whether you are transferring between bin locations or warehouse locations

ERP Gold | Shipping

Create Labels

Labels are automatically printed when you are ready to ship

ERP Gold | Shipping

Realtime Tracking

Get realtime tracking of where your product is and the expected delivery

ERP Gold | Shipping

Generate Report

Generate reports and journal entries based on time of possession


Shipping Channels Integration

Allows you to connect shipping channels for complete order processing and shipment with excellent service.

ERP Gold | Shipping


Multi Channel Inventory Management FedEx automates the order fulfillment process and makes the shipment tracking process more simpler.

ERP Gold | Shipping


ERP Gold offers a direct connection to USPS an affordable shipping service for convenient Shipping of all your multi-channel orders.

ERP Gold | Shipping


Ship your Multi-channel orders worldwide with the world largest delivery service integrated with ERP Gold.

ERP Gold | Shipping

Canada Post

Integrate Multichannel Selling Software for easy tracking of mail letters and ship parcels to sell from online stores with Canada Post.

ERP Gold | Shipping


Multi Channel ERP Software makes it convenient for entrepreneurs to work with Shippo for e-commerce business.

ERP Gold | Shipping


Multi Channel Inventory Management ShipStation helps to manage ship orders by saving time and money on e-commerce order fulfillment.