ERP Gold


Phonecheck Certification Partner

Managing mobile phone inventories appears to be becoming complex as a result of the rapidly changing life cycle of the mobile phone inventory. So, to fix this, Phonecheck and ERP Gold have embarked on the journey of Solution Partnership so that Serialized inventory Solution is provided to meet the specific requirements of cell phone distributors adhering to industry standards, and best practices . Now, both ERP Gold and Phonecheck have begun to strive to add value to its clients together.

How We Assist


In serialization, IMEI number is a unique identifier that is also used as a serial number to keep track of inventory accuracy.ERP Gold’s serialization is unparalleled solution for Phonecheck service buyers and Phonecheck itself. 



Now, ERP Gold is assisting Phonecheck and its clients to streamline inventory management via integrations for cell phones stock. This is especially helpful for cellphone distributors, and wholesalers /dealers. 


ERP Gold  is dedicated to giving Phonecheck the tools they need to grow. From easy personalization of inventory software to other business management tools, ERP Gold is continually innovating the software industry.

Phonecheck Core Services

Mobile Data Collection

Phonecheck data collection helps you make the best purchases. Device model, carrier, storage capacity, IMEI and more are easily accessible thanks to Phonecheck. The industry-leading diagnostic, device history and complete erasure technology stack reduces human error, speeds up data collection, and stores data in a feature-rich database.

Erase Mobile Data

Phonecheck provides ADISA-certified erasure, to work rapidly and thoroughly on used phones and other portable devices. Certified data erasure fosters trust between buyer and seller, allowing for more trustworthy, quick transactions. This is available through their industry-leading iOS/ Android-friendly software, available to provide the greatest erase yield possible.


Locked phones frustrate buyers and sellers. So you need software that rapidly and properly detects a phone’s lock state, and Phonecheck’s lock detection function displays a green or red light for quick verification. The SIM/Carrier function detects whether a phone is tied to a network carrier.

IMEI Checks

To rapidly generate accurate Device History Reports, Phonecheck lets you easily verify every phone’s IMEI. You may quickly find whether a phone has been misplaced, banned, or subject to an insurance claim. You can also check financing data, which might affect a phone’s functionality. The IMEI function also offers the phone’s brand, model, release year, and more.

Smartphone Diagnostics

Phonecheck’s comprehensive diagnostic examination takes only 60 seconds and is capable of up to 80-point checks. Phonecheck uses unmatched automation, flexibility, speed, yield, and accuracy to test Apple and Android smartphones. Install Phonecheck on any Mac or P.C. to run these tests, and print full-page or label-size Device History Report certificates. Phonecheck Certified ensures every phone works as advertised.

PhoneCheck Certification

The Phonecheck certification suite tests devices for accurate diagnostic testing, device history and complete erasure. Once a device is certified by Phonecheck, buyers and sellers may be certain it has undergone a 3rd-party inspection. Upon completion of testing, a Phonecheck Device History Report is generated and available to add data-driven value to the buyer journey.

Our Approach

Our process-driven approach has helped countless companies leverage the full power of ERP Gold suite. We aim to expand, elevate and accelerate your business through effective use of ERP Gold’s full suite of cloud applications.

Planning & Design

Our experienced team will work with you to create and finalize a detailed project plan that will maximize your Output. We will conduct a detailed review of your existing processes, and identify custom elements to implement into your plan. During this stage, we will provide all the information that your business needs for enhanced technical design and development if needed .


Build & Iterate

The Tech team will configure all functional elements identified in your project plan. Our team will also build your custom technical elements in ERP Gold, while establishing and validating proof of concepts on all of our design elements. At the end of this stage, we deliver fully configured ERP Gold functionality, CRM modules, and system integration for your company.

Testing, & Execution

After building your custom elements, we will make sure the software is ready for use. Our Tech team will conduct testing on your system, establishing that our solution satisfies functional and technical requirements outlined in your plan. We conduct a unit test of all functional design elements, a system and integration test of all data feeds in/out of ERP Gold, and deliver detailed test scripts with test cases linked to specific items.

User Training & Deployment

Following our testing and execution, we provide user training for the business and functional users of ERP Gold. This is done via web-based approach, designed to educate your employees on the new processes implemented.