ERP Gold

Our Customer Testimonials

"Intuitive use. we can easily log in from any part of the world and access our accounts. There are links that exist between part of transaction (quote, SO, PO) that lets us easily navigate through the workload. Based on our business needs we requested changes and the company was very helpful in creating a solution for us. I would be happy to recommend it to every one"

Tim Corbett-RUST (Reliable Underground Services Technicians )

"We were using 5 different systems to run our business operations, Now with ERP Gold we have marketing, lead generation, CRM, PO, invoicing, inventory and accounting all in one place and on top of that EG team took care of our data transfer part. Definitely a tool every small business need."


“Finally, wow, I just looked at the system and love it. Very clean design, super-slick and intuitive, like how it's designed to be mobile-friendly from the ground-up, and it seems pretty feature full and robust. Looks like you've built got a really solid platform there!"

Zack Miller-LuxSci
Rana RahimOur Customer Testimonials