Multi-Channel Inventory
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Multi-Channel Inventory Management Solutions

The business world has become very complex.  Most likely, you no longer sell out of a single building, chances are you have multiple sales channels—web, mobile, social, brick-and-mortar, and pop-up stores.  Your product could be in one or more stores, online or offline.  With all this complexity you need to see where all your inventory is, what orders are coming in, what needs to be shipped, and what has been shipped. You require dynamic tools that save you time, reduce costs, and enhance your efficiency.  You need ERP Gold’s Multi-Channel Inventory Management Solution.  Whether you use multiple e-commerce sites to do business or sell to multiple marketplaces.

What Is Multi-Channel Integration

Multi-Channel integration puts e-commerce partners and marketplace partners on the same platform and increases your efficiency, improves accuracy, and enhances your customer experience.  Whether your e-commerce store is with WooCommerce, Shopify, or another e-commerce platform, your items and online store sync with your inventory system so transactions flow seamlessly though the system, you don’t oversell your inventory, and your customer knows when an item is back-ordered.  You also have a line of sight to your sales trends.

With your marketplace partners like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay synced to your inventory system, you eliminate the guesswork on how much inventory is at your marketplace partner. You have complete visibility to all your orders coming in, all your inventory, regardless of location, and all orders going out.  You are able to maintain your partner’s inventory at the click of a button, so they never run out.

How Multi-Channel Integration Works

The item details from your system are mapped at the SKU level with your e-commerce and marketplace partner’s system. Once mapped, every item is integrated into your system. You don’t have to log into multiple systems to see where your inventory is.  Everything is being shared with a single point of contact, which makes operations more cost-effective and less time-consuming.  Not only do you have visibility to your inventory, but the transactions are also automated so everything is in real-time.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

By having the stock levels at your facility and your partner’s facility synced within your ERP Gold system, you can handle stock shortages and overages with ease.  You can set safety stock levels to optimize your process efficiencies.  You have total control of your inventory.  In the case of multiple sales channels, inventory is separated by market place partner and / or individual store.

Once sales orders are created by the customer and transmitted to ERP Gold, the order automatically appears in the ecommerce module in order management.  Every order is marked channel specific.  The order is marked for fulfillment and ready to be processed.   downloaded, creates the shipping order and the order is fulfilled as normal.  Once the product ships, the shipping details along with an invoice are sent to the ecommerce partner.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Integration

Multi-Channel ecommerce inventory management allows you to sell on multiple channels such as Amazon, Walmart or E-bay concurrently without having to change platforms.

ERP Gold, as a marketplace management provider, collects your product data once and matches it according to the requirement of your partner.

It allows you to manage inventory, fulfill your orders, and track shipments from your door to your customer’s door.

All the information is on one consolidated platform, every order across every sales channel.

This establishes the environment for data driven decisions, allowing you to report and measure your channel performances, and gives you insight to understanding trend data.

E-Commerce Integration (Front End)

With ERP Gold Multi-Channel Inventory Management, there is only one place for all your information and transactions.  Whether open sourced or cloud-based SaaS ecommerce platforms are synced giving you the catalog, vendor, and store interfaces with complete visibility to what is happening. Your customer experience is enhanced, and you aren’t overselling.  The transactions automatically flow into the accounting side of the business.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


Known as Adobe Commerce. It provides all the necessary features to build an online store from the ground up. It is based on a PHP framework

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress It provides catalog and shopping cart functionality. Straightforward integration and shopping cart plugin

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


Shopify is a cloud-based SaaS ecommerce platform. Can design, set up and manage their online store

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


nopCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform based on Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework and MS SQL Database. It provides catalog and shopping cart functionality.

Once synced with ERP Gold Multi-Channel Inventory Management, you see each SKU by individual market partner and store.  You can see what inventory is available and can sync additional SKU on demand or automatically every 30 minutes.  In addition, you have real time visibility to inventory quantities.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Market Place Integrations (Selling Solutions)

On the selling side, having all your market partners on a single platform streamlines your processes and saves time and money.  As a marketplace management provider ERP Gold’s Multi-channel Inventory Management Solution integrates with PayPal, Wish, Best Buy, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Houzz, Walmart, Twitter and many more.  The world can become your market place!

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


Manage Track and Fulfill Orders when ERP Gold Inventory Management software is integrated with Amazon.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


ERP Gold software makes the selling of electronics and other items on eBay easier to manage and grow your business.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


Integrate your Inventory Management software with Walmart software for a centralized platform to manage online and offline orders.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Best Buy

Keep track of every serialized electronic item in your warehouse and on Best Buy shelves with integration from ERP Gold software.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


ERP Gold Inventory Management Software helps sellers manage orders, view purchase history and generate reports in real-time

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


Inventory Management Software for all online Market places, including Houzz, supports efficient management of your online shopping products

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Fulfillment By Amazon

Segregate your FBA Orders and have your vendors ship directly to Fulfillment Center while you maintain the inventory control with ERP Gold

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management


Inventory Management software helps you increase the number of sales orders in the online purchasing and engage more potential customers

Once your market partner is synced, your E-Commerce orders flow directly into your system.  Orders are colored coded, so you know what has been Fulfilled, Partially Fulfilled, and what was Canceled, Refused, Returned or Refunded.  You can filter the orders and choose what you see.  Orders are automatically sorted by channel; just select which channel you want to view.  You can easily download your orders for analysis.  Once an order has been fulfilled, it automatically moves to ‘Awaiting Shipment’ so the work can continue automatically.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Shipping Integrations

ERP Gold’s Multi-channel Inventory Management Solution can get your inventory anywhere it needs to go, whether it is domestic or international.  We partner with FedEx, USPS, UPS, Canada Post, Shippo and ShipStation.  As with all the other modules, inventory is moved to the next process automatically improving efficiency and saving time and money.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Multi-Channel Inventory Management FedEx automates the order fulfillment process and makes the shipment tracking process more simpler.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

ERP Gold offers a direct connection to USPS an affordable shipping service for convenient Shipping of all your multi-channel orders.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Ship your Multi-channel orders worldwide with the world largest delivery service integrated with ERP Gold.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Integrate Multi-Channel Selling Software for easy tracking of mail letters and ship parcels to sell from online stores with Canada Post.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Multi-Channel ERP Software makes it convenient for entrepreneurs to work with Shippo for e-commerce business.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Multi-Channel Inventory Management ShipStation helps to manage ship orders by saving time and money on e-commerce order fulfillment.

Within the Shipping Module, the Pending Shipment / Awaiting Shipment gives you everything you need to ship at a glance.  It can be sorted by market partner, carrier or date so the data is how you need to have it.  Because you are synced with your shipping partners, you have all the details to compare up-to-date carrier rates decide which is the best option for your customer.  You can print your shipping documentation here, streamlining your process.  Once shipped, all the accounting transactions / entries are automatically generated.

ERP Gold | Multi-Channel Inventory Management

The biggest challenge of multi-channel management is efficient and accurate inventory management. Hence, it is important to have a centralized solution for managing inventory which is only possible if multiple platforms are integrated into one single source.  Regardless if your business operates on a B2C website like Shopify, or a B2B platform like Alibaba, ERP Gold provides complete, low-cost & customized multi-channel order management software to meet your online marketplace business needs.

The ERP Gold software solution is a unified platform for all your online marketers, wholesalers, and retailers. It connects their marketplaces and e-commerce platforms (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce) together with your inventory management.  ERP Gold Multi-Channel Inventory Management software allows you to keep your stock organized as well as keep records of what items are being packaged, picked, or shipped out in real-time. With our software, you can manage recurring reorders, easily view purchase history, and generate reports as you need them.

ERP Gold provides an all-in-one multi-channel inventory, sales, and shipping solution. Our customizable, low-cost solution for a multi-channel management environment supports all popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart. Our solution provides easy and quick integration with your market partners. This allows for easy exchange of data, improved customer service, and efficient strategic decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ERP Gold's Multi-Channel Inventory Management Solution?

ERP Gold’s Multi-Channel Inventory Management Solution is a unified platform designed to manage inventory, sales, and shipping across multiple sales channels, including E-Commerce platforms and marketplaces.

2. How does Multi-Channel Integration enhance efficiency?

Multi-Channel Integration combines E-Commerce and marketplace partners on a single platform, improving efficiency, accuracy, and enhancing the overall customer experience. It syncs product details, prevents overselling, and provides real-time visibility into inventory and sales trends.

3. How does Multi-Channel Integration work with E-Commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify?

ERP Gold maps item details at the SKU level with E-Commerce platforms, ensuring seamless integration. This eliminates the need to log into multiple systems, provides a consolidated view of inventory, and automates transactions in real-time.

4. What are the benefits of Multi-Channel Integration for E-Commerce?

The benefits include concurrent selling on multiple channels, streamlined inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipment tracking. It enables data-driven decisions, reporting, and performance measurement across all sales channels.

5. How does ERP Gold handle inventory shortages and overages?

ERP Gold’s system syncs stock levels at your facility and your partner’s facility, allowing easy management of stock shortages and overages. Safety stock levels can be set to optimize process efficiencies, providing total control over inventory