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Real-time Tracking

Partial / Fulfillment

Third Party Integration

Multi-Warehouse Management

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Inventory Management Software for Wholesale

As a wholesaler or distributor, maintaining complete control over your inventory is paramount. You need real-time inventory tracking to accommodate changing demand, overage/shortage issues, and inventory inaccuracies. Regardless of the size of your warehouse(s) or how many you manage, having robust wholesale inventory management software is crucial for your business.  ERP Gold enhances the visibility of your inventory and boosts the efficiency of your warehouse(s).

Our software is seamlessly integrated with third-party e-commerce and marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and more.  With ERP Gold, you’ll always know the exact location of your inventory, whether it’s in your warehouse or theirs.

ERP Gold | Wholesale

Real-time Tracking

Know where your inventory is at every moment, and have visibility 24/7

ERP Gold | Wholesale

Transfer Goods

Control and manage your stock levels— transfer between bins and warehouses

ERP Gold | Wholesale

Order Fulfillment

Picking, Packing, and Shipping. Completely track your orders within one system

ERP Gold | Wholesale

Third Party Integration

Fully integrated with third-party e-commerce and marketplaces.


Efficient Wholesale Inventory Management System

As a wholesaler, management of your partner’s inventory is critical to your success and business.  You require dynamic tools that save time, cut costs, and enhance efficiency.  Our third-party/marketplace integrations ensure that your data aligns with your partner’s system requirements.   If your partner mandates a 10% safety stock requirement, you’ll receive alerts to trigger automatic re-orders when needed. When unexpected demand arises, a simple click expedites the process. ERP Gold’s wholesale inventory solutions empower you to handle any partner’s requirements with ease.

ERP Gold | Wholesale


Manage Track and Fulfill Orders when ERP Gold Inventory Management software is integrated with Amazon.

ERP Gold | Wholesale


ERP Gold software makes the selling of electronics and other items on eBay easier to manage and grow your business.

ERP Gold | Wholesale


Integrate your Inventory Management software with Walmart software for a centralized platform to manage online and offline orders.

ERP Gold | Wholesale

Best Buy

Keep track of every serialized electronic item in your warehouse and on Best Buy shelves with integration from ERP Gold software.

ERP Gold | Wholesale


ERP Gold’s inventory management software helps sellers manage orders, view purchase history, and generate reports in real-time

ERP Gold | Wholesale


Inventory Management Software for all online Market places, including Houzz, supports efficient management of your online shopping products

ERP Gold | Wholesale

Fulfillment By Amazon

Segregate your FBA Orders and have your vendors ship directly to Fulfillment Center while you maintain the inventory control with ERP Gold

ERP Gold | Wholesale


Inventory Management software helps you increase the number of sales orders in the online purchasing and engage more potential customers


ERP Gold Your Wholesale Inventory Control And Inventory Management System

ERP Gold is the ultimate solution for the wholesaling industry, offering the essential inventory management tools you need. Our comprehensive tracking begins when the product enters your facility and continues until it reaches its destination. With features like barcoding, storage location management, and support for multiple warehouses, you can view, analyze, and manage your inventory in real time. We seamlessly integrate with the marketplaces you do business with, providing you with 24/7 visibility.

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Key Features Of Our Best Inventory Management Software For Wholesale

Real-Time Tracking with Wholesale Inventory Management

Wholesalers demand real-time tracking and serialization of their inventory. Efficiently control and manage your stock levels and transfers within your warehouse and at your customers’ warehouses/fulfillment centers with ERP Gold. Our barcode technology provides 24/7 visibility to your inventory at both the macro (warehouse) and micro (specific stock location) levels. Whether your marketplace partner needs to increase inventory or you need to address partial shipments, ERP Gold has you covered.

ERP Gold | Wholesale

ERP Gold | Wholesale

Order Fulfillment with inventory management software specifically designed for wholesalers and distributors

Efficient order fulfillment should save you both time and money. With the ERP Gold wholesale inventory system, you’re seamlessly integrated with all your shipping partners, from USPS to ShipStation. Your packing slips and labels are automatically updated with current carrier rates, and corresponding accounting entries are generated when the product leaves your facility.

ERP Gold | Wholesale

ERP Gold | Wholesale
ERP Gold | Wholesale

Enhance Your Wholesale Business with Advanced Inventory Management Software

Third Party Integration / Multi-Channel 

In today’s business landscape, multi-channel integration and third-party partnerships are the cornerstone of success. As a wholesaler, you navigate a complex web of partners and systems. Here’s where our ERP Gold inventory management software steps in to revolutionize your operations.

Streamlined Multi-Channel Integration

Our wholesale inventory management software offers a seamless solution to consolidate your business functions, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced cost control. Gone are the days of juggling spreadsheets; with our system, all your crucial information resides in a single, accessible location.

Perfect for Your E-commerce Business

Whether you’re managing your e-commerce enterprise or selling through various online marketplaces, our software effortlessly syncs with all your partners. Your inventory readily flows through your business processes and systems, ensuring inventory accuracy.

Discover the Best Wholesale Inventory Management Software

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of the best inventory management software designed specifically for wholesalers. Our inventory management software for wholesale delivers the comprehensive solutions you need to elevate your wholesale business to new heights.

Don’t let inefficiencies hold your wholesale business back. Embrace the power of our inventory management software for wholesale and watch your operations thrive.

ERP Gold | Wholesale
ERP Gold | Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have 10 colors of the same item, can ERP Gold keep them organized for me?

Yes, with ERP Gold, you can see your inventory every way you need to, by number, by location, and by variant with the help of wholesale inventory solutions.

2. My marketplace partner requires tracking updates on shipments, does ERP Gold do that?

Yes, ERP Gold has standard reports and can customize reports if there is something you need.

3. Our OTR carriers are constantly changing their rates, can ERP Gold keep the accounting and COGS straight?

Yes, we accurately account for changing costs anywhere in your process with our wholesale inventory management software.

4. How can I effectively manage my orders and their delivery to the customer?

With ERP Gold, you have complete visibility of your inventory from what is coming and what is going out.

5. I am a wholesaler and need to be integrated with Amazon, will I be able to see my inventory at Amazon?

Yes, ERP Gold fully integrates with Amazon and other market places allowing you to see your inventory.

Explore the Best Inventory Management Software for Wholesalers / Distributors with ERP Gold, the Ultimate Wholesale Software with Market Place Integrations.

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