Best Manufacturing Software to Maintain Inventory for Job Shops to Large Manufacturing Facilities

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Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

When searching for a tailored Inventory management system for manufacturers, you might encounter some challenges. The variables to consider can be overwhelming.

Are you operating a job shop specializing in crafting specific items in small quantities? Or do you manage complex assembly lines with hundreds or even thousands of part numbers?

Regardless of your manufacturing setup, it’s imperative to maintain control over your Bills of Materials (BOMs) and work centers. Effective planning and scheduling of production orders are essential to ensure you can meet customer demands efficiently. Whether your manufacturing facility is small or medium-sized, choosing the right inventory management manufacturing software can significantly impact your bottom line. That’s where ERP Gold steps in, optimizing your inventory control and offering end-to-end traceability through our top-notch MRP software for the manufacturing industry. With ERP Gold, you can easily adjust your production orders in response to last-minute inventory changes at the click of a button. Additionally, you gain visibility into costing and efficiencies, which is particularly useful when accommodating product variations requested by your customers.

ERP Gold | Manufacturing

Job Shop

Products are produced solely on the orders you receive.

ERP Gold | Manufacturing

Batch Process

Products are produced based on demand and stock orders

ERP Gold | Manufacturing

Mass Production

Same products are produced at a very high volume.

ERP Gold | Manufacturing

Continuous Flow

Continuous flow of product, usually several processes/subassembly lines.


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Empower Your Growth With Our Software To Manage Inventory

ERP Gold introduces an inventory management software for the manufacturing industry, integrating all your operations into a single system. We begin tracking your raw materials from the moment they enter your facility until your product reaches your customers. This comprehensive view allows you to monitor all manufacturing activities, whether they are outsourced or in-house, and manage the cost and efficiency of each process and product. With our manufacturing inventory management system, you have real-time access to your inventory carrying costs.

Key Features of our Inventory Management Software for the Manufacturing Industry

Complete Control over your Bill of Materials and Work Centers

With our manufacturing module, we take inventory control and management to the next level. We have the manufacturing inventory tracking system you need. It starts with your bills of material. ERP Gold gives you complete control over your Bill of Materials (BOMs).

If your customers require multiple variations of the same product, our manufacturing inventory system can handle it seamlessly. You can simply duplicate the BOM and incorporate the necessary changes. Are you part of an industry that experiences yearly model changes? ERP Gold enables you to create samples and trials with the same traceability as production. Even if you have hundreds of sub-assemblies, our manufacturing inventory control software can efficiently manage them. Plus, with ERP Gold, there’s no need to start from scratch, as existing BOMs can be quickly uploaded into the system, saving you both time and money.

ERP Gold | Manufacturing

Efficient Planning and Scheduling of Production Orders with Inventory Management Manufacturing Software

When unforeseen labor shortages or supply delays strike, ERP Gold simplifies the process of adjusting your production orders as needed, providing you with complete flexibility. You can also assess the costs associated with these production changes, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how they will impact your bottom line.

ERP Gold | Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a job shop, and have hundreds of BOMs, can ERP Gold work for me?

Yes, we can upload your existing BOMs into the system with our manufacturing inventory management software.

2. I work in the Automotive industry and need to track my products end-to-end with serialization.

You’re in luck! ERP Gold provides a unique serial code for every item in your inventory with manufacturing inventory software, allowing you to effortlessly track their locations.

3. I frequently need to change my production due to supply delays, how does ERP Gold handle that?

Production Orders are very easy to change in the Manufacturing module in our system

4. I have both job shop manufacturing and process – assembly, can ERP Gold handle both?

At ERP Gold, we are very flexible and our inventory software for manufacturing works with all types of manufacturing and combinations of manufacturing.

Explore the best inventory management software for Manufacturing with ERP Gold, the Ultimate Manufacturing ERP Software with QuickBooks Integration.

For more information, schedule a FREE consultation or a demo

Explore the Best Inventory Management Software for Manufacturing with ERP Gold, the Ultimate Manufacturing Software with QuickBooks Integration.

For more information, schedule a FREE consultation or a demo