ERP Gold

Serialized Electronics Devices Inventory Management

Let ERP Gold power your electronics inventory management

Serialized Electronics Devices Inventory Management

A good inventory management system can help you keep track of transistors, diodes, circuits, and other electrical components. ERP Gold’s serialization process includes inventory management capabilities, including Receiving Purchase Order Listing, Sales &Purchase Return, and Testing, Searching items, Fulfillment, Creating Batch, Repair Work, and Batch Transfer.


Work orders in ERP Gold include notes, instructions, and labor costs. You can also do available-to-build calculations to make sure you have enough materials on hand to finish electronic device manufacturing jobs.

Serial Numbers

You can assign serial numbers to your things to keep track of them in different places.


Following the correct production sequence while working with electronic components is important. Using serialization, you can construct a bill of materials for each step of manufacturing.

QuickBooks Integration

ERP Gold effortlessly connects with QuickBooks to minimize duplicate data input and conflicts between the two systems. You’re in luck if you use QuickBooks.


The kitting function allows you to bundle many goods under a single heading. This speeds up the process of adding products to sales orders and providing price reductions to particular clients.

Scan in Scan Out

The ERP Gold software allows you to scan barcodes with your smartphone or tablet. Barcode labels must be attached to the products to select, move, and rearrange things from shelves.

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