Unlock Business Growth with Custom Inventory Management Software

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Tailored to Your Needs

ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup

Overcome the Limitation of Basic Accounting
Systems with Powerful Integration

Overcome the Challenges of Basic Accounting Systems with Powerful Integrations Say goodbye to the limitations of Quickbooks, Excel, or other accounts packages. Experience the power of seamless integration between your accounts and inventory management software. Gain unparalleled visibility and complete control over your operations. ERP Gold pulls data from multiple functions, generating comprehensive reports and automating critical processes. Explore Integrations. Learn More

Customization for Business Growth

Support Your Vision with Low-Cost Customization and Module Customization Build the ultimate inventory management system tailored to your specific workflows and processes. With our wide range of pre-built features and functionalities, customization has never been more affordable. Adapt any module feature to create custom forms, screens, reports, and more, driving your business growth and success.

ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup

Multi-Channel Management

Take control of your inventory, order management and shipping. Scale your business ecosystem by consolidating all channels, stores, and marketplaces onto one organized platform. Seamlessly view, analyze, and manage sales activity across platforms like Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Walmart etc. Learn More

ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup
ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup

Serialized Inventory Control

Achieve complete control over your inventory with serialized inventory management. Assign a unique code to each item OR use a pre-existing serial number like IMEI or IP Address and track its entire lifecycle, including profit and loss calculations. With ERP Gold, you can efficiently manage accounting, inventory, order processing, and logistics in a single, automated system, providing you with accurate insights and saving valuable time. Learn More

ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup
ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup

Manage the Entire Customer Journey

Experience the power of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, a suite of applications designed to streamline and optimize core business processes. From lead capture to order fulfillment and beyond, ERP Gold maximizes efficiency, productivity, and customer service, helping you close more sales and build customer loyalty.

ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup

Why Choose ERP Gold

Customizable   Affordable   Seamless Integrations

Our inventory management software is custom-built to meet your unique business needs. Pay only for the modules you require and the number of users you have, with flexible plans that adapt to your changing needs. Leverage our flexible API capabilities to centralize your complex eCommerce operations with ERP Gold.


On-Hand Support   No Contract   Cloud-Based

We provide dedicated on-hand support, ensuring easy adoption with comprehensive training and a dedicated helpdesk just a phone call away. Enjoy the flexibility of no lengthy contracts or commitments. Access ERP Gold securely from anywhere with our cloud-based solution.

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Happy Client Testimonials

“Intuitive use. You can easily log in from any part of the world and access your account. There are links that exist between part of transaction (quote, SO, PO) that lets you easily navigate through the workload.”

Mario Fields CEO

“Thanks for giving me beta access. Loved the easy to learn interface, the dashboard did a really good job of putting the most valuable information right in front of me.”

Jean Wong Project Manager

“ERP Gold is a custom built solution that perfectly caters to our needs. Finding a solution that is responsive, knowledge based and cost effective can be a tedious task to handle, but we have found ERP Gold, all that and more. ERP Gold Implementation process was quite easy and was resilient enough to be quickly adaptive of the requirement at that time, we highly recommend ERP Gold and look forward to working with it on future advancements.”

Tony Stark Gage Products Company

“We were using 5 different systems to run our business operations, Now with ERP Gold we have marketing, lead generation, CRM, PO, invoicing, inventory and accounting all in one place and on top of that EG team took care of our data transfer part. Definitely a tool every small business need.”

Jerry Wireox

“Finally, wow, I just looked at the system and love it. Very clean design, super-slick and intuitive, like how it’s designed to be mobile-friendly from the ground-up, and it seems pretty feature full and robust. Looks like you’ve built got a really solid platform there!”

Zack Miller LuxSci
ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup
ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup 4.5/5

4.6 out of 5

ERP Gold | Dashboard Mockup 4.5/5

4.6 out of 5

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