Is Email Marketing Still Relevant

on March 30, 2019

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant


When the internet was still new and people were exploring it as a luxury, emails were taken as sophisticated and highly effective ways to target businesses. Everyone loved the notification “ You’ve Got An Email”

Email lost its luster due to spam emails, Ponzi schemes of Illusory Nigerian Princes and Lords. Marketing started deviating from this medium because of such malpractices and as WhatsApp and other peers to peer communication platform was introduced, the need for emails got less and less important. This is where we ask is email marketing still relevant ?

Where Can You Use Email Marketing?

While the Majority of Marketers neglect email marketing, it can still be an effective medium to target mobile users and baby boomers.

Let’s take a walk through for five major reasons why an effective email marketing strategy can help you get better results.

Its Easier to Approach Mobile Users with Email Marketing:

An Important reason for an email marketing strategy to be still relevant is because of its ease to mobile users. You can easily reach mobile users without investing much in technology as per PEW Research Center, Fifty-Two Percent Smart Phone Users access their emails from their mobiles.

Forrester released research that found forty percent of customers opened their emails to check messages from Retailers. While even tablet users utilized their devices for reviewing emails especially offers and deals from their customers.

This means that nearly three out of every five email marketing messages doubles as a mobile marketing message.

This shows that email marketing if focused specifically for mobile and tablet users yield extraordinary results. Email has beaten SMS to the chase on Mobile Devices:

  1. Emails are read more often on mobile devices than any other gadget.
  2. Emails are free, and due to professional habits, people frequently check their emails.
  3. Emails can deliver a much more concentrated message than SMS due to their character space and MS Word like user interface.

ERP GOLD and Email Marketing Automation:

Email Marketing Automation can be really hectic for small businesses, Gold ERP has created an automated solution for business to deliver well-curated emails to their customers in a bulk amount without them looking as spam emails.

Some Amazing Features of Gold ERP Email Marketing Module are:

  1. Automated Leads System:
    ERP Gold’s Automated System helps you understand the data and create low-cost marketing campaigns which will help you reach your potential customers in for a penny.
  2. Artificially Intelligent Software:
    Our Software automatically sorts leads generated through email marketing and batches them as per quality.
  3. Cloud-Based:
    ERP Gold is completely cloud-based which helps your business use our software anytime anywhere.
  4. Easy Bills:
    Cheap rates with a smooth billing process allow you to sign up with just a few clicks.


Yes, email marketing still relevant due to the advancement of tools and new techniques. using the automated features can help you boost a lot of things and growing the business can be easier.

Rana RahimIs Email Marketing Still Relevant