Why ERP Gold is the Best Cell Phone Inventory Management Software

on October 17, 2019

Like challenges in all industries, the cell phone wholesale and trade industry also has its unique problems. Even in today’s day and age, many businesses are operating on completely manual processes for handling orders, inventory, and deliveries.

Cell Phone Sales Are Growing!

By 2020, it is reported that there will be 6 billion mobile phones in circulation. This is a huge amount, and it is going to grow even more year-on-year.

Cell phone traders play a big role in making handsets more accessible through low-prices. But because of the surge in demand, they need to deploy solutions that can help them run their business efficiently. And this is where ERP Gold is helping businesses make a difference!

Repair Ticketing System

ERP Gold helps businesses deploy a customizable repair ticketing system for managing huge batches of received phones. Because not all phones received by a trader may be in the best condition, they need to be categorized and sent for repairs accordingly. The repair ticketing software module on ERP Gold does that for you.

Stock Inventory Control By Serial Number (IMEI/ESN)

In order to make a system that can efficiently track every piece/item within the inventory, there needs to be a unique serial number. In the case of cell phones, there exists IMEI/ESN numbers. ERP Gold helps traders synchronize the IMEIs sent by vendors in the Purchase Order with the actual inventory that is received. This reduces errors and makes sure no item is lost.

Furthermore, it allows you to:

  • Evaluate the value of available inventory
  • Manage stock reorders
  • Know which phones tying-up money in the inventory
  • Find out what kind of repair parts are required and in what quantity
  • Categorize by condition and much more.

Cell Phone POS Software

ERP Gold is a complete solution for cell phone retailers. It tracks sales records, while managing the cost incurred on not just acquiring the phone but the repairs as well. This results in more accurate calculation of margins which is useful if you want to make strategic decisions. For example, you might be spending too much money on certain repairs that are hurting your overall profit margins. It even lets you keep track of your customer and maintain an organized record of your entire sales which you can also export as an excel file.


ERP Gold’s Serialized Inventory Management software for cell phone wholesalers, retailers, and traders is an industry leading solution. Bulk buying of mobile devices can be made much less hectic, so that devices can be ordered, repaired, and easily distributed.

AdminWhy ERP Gold is the Best Cell Phone Inventory Management Software