How to stand out in Email Marketing between a herd of Emails

on February 21, 2019

How to stand out in Email Marketing between a herd of Emails

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In the times where attention spans are shorter and people wish to see only the most relevant information about their own interests, it is getting harder to get the attention of the customer without a stand out email marketing campaign. There are options available to use, such as social media, search engines, etc. but the cost against the return that is earned is definitely lower than email marketing.

There are a few things a marketer can do to enhance the results achieved from an stand out email marketing campaign. It is very important to stand out in a herd and be visible enough get the attention of the reader. Following are the few things that are sure to do just that;

Stand Out Email Marketing

1.  Personalized Subject Line

The only thing anyone sees in their emails is a subject line, until and unless the reader is interested in the subject of the email, email is not likely to be opened. The first thing a marketer should do is personalize the subject lines in order to get a reader’s attention as they see their name in the subject.

2.  Offer Some Value

Time is money and in order to spend some time on anything people must see value in it. Unless a reader sees value in opening the email, it is not being opened. So, what you can do as a marketer is provide a point of interest with a question asked about a thing of value to the potential prospect.

3.  Avoid Raising Expectation

The expectation should be set to a medium level in order to succeed in email marketing, as if the potential client opens the email and the value is much lesser than expected the reader is surely to mark the email as spam and never open emails from you again. Customers are more aware and informed therefore need precise information on time.

4.  Add Visuals

Visual representation of things is much better, always! Reading something after seeing some visuals related to it will shape the mind of any person reading the email how the sender wants to shape their mind to. This is something people avoid thinking text will suffice. But they are wrong, long and tedious emails to read will put off anyone after the first paragraph these days.

5.  Colorful Representation

Colors attract the eyes of readers, which is the reason why there are so many vibrant colors in mobile phone screens and keep us attached to them at all times. This is the same reason any reader would like to stick around in an email if the colors are vibrant and attractive to their eyes.

6.  Spacing

Clutter and mess will always put off people from reading any email, you have to add ample space between lines and words to make the visibility of the text better. This is why having negative space in art is very important, just to show where to focus, eyes tend to wonder and having negative space makes eyes seek focus points where the text is.

7.  Motion/Animation

The attraction lies in Gifs and Videos for people these days. Readers will move according to the content you have prepared for them by adding moving elements. the video content has taken a boom in current market and has been more effective.


If the email is crafted with the above given tips in mind, and run properly through a custom email marketing software it is surely going to stand out from the herd and not only stand out it will capture the attention of the reader. But then it is the job of the content to convince the potential client to be an actual customer. If the content shown puts the client off all the above hard work will go to waste, So, Make sure to provide relevant and valid information to the customers.

Rana RahimHow to stand out in Email Marketing between a herd of Emails