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How ERP Gold works as an inventory management software for eBay

on November 16, 2020

Why do sellers on eBay need an inventory management software? 

Inventory management involves the process of ordering, handling, storing, and processing a company’s inventory. This is done because, without an effective inventory management system, the full potential of the supply chain becomes unattainable. Sellers often prefer handling their eBay inventory management systems manually. However, manually handling the eBay order management system is often very time consuming, cumbersome, and heavily susceptible to errors. This creates a need among sellers to adapt to an inventory management software for eBay such as the multi-channel inventory management system that ERP Gold offers for its valued eBay sellers.

Integrating your eBay order management system to ERP Gold

If you are a seller who needs to maximize his revenue stream with the help of software to handle your day to day eBay inventory management system then all you have to do is click the Schedule a Demo button on our multi-channel inventory management system page and our team will get in touch to answer any queries and to help integrate the software to your business so that you are ready to go!

ERP Gold does not only limit its avenues to Marketplaces integration but also allows you the option to connect your eBay inventory management system to your preferred E-commerce and Shipping channels in order to have a smooth business inventory flow that is customized for your satisfaction. Due to these integrations, you do not just keep your inventories organized but you can keep a live record of when these products are being packed, picked, and shipped.

How ERP Gold will help assist your eBay order management system

The way the ERP Gold multichannel inventory management system works is by allowing sellers using E-commerce channels such as Shopify to list products from either one marketplace or multiple marketplaces to manage inventory on a centralized platform that ERP Gold provides. In addition, you may also be able to integrate your shipping channels with this centralized platform. Therefore if you are an E-commerce seller using Shopify as your platform to list products from eBay on your Shopify store then having an eBay inventory management system will also allow you to integrate shipping channels of your choice to this supply chain. This smooth way of integrating all your business processes on one centralized platform will prove to be both cost and time-efficient.  In case of any returns, the shipping channel integration will automatically take care of your return handling needs.

AdminHow ERP Gold works as an inventory management software for eBay