Why Keeping Track of IMEI/ESN Numbers Is Necessary In The Cell Phone Industry

on October 17, 2019

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or ESN (Electronic Serial Number) are unique codes used for identifying specific handsets. They are unique to each device and are important for tracking and security. However, a cell phone wholesaler or retailer has many reasons for which they should keep track of all the IMEIs in their stock. ERP Gold makes it easier to carry out various functions to benefit businesses in the cell phone industry.

IMEI Tracking Software

Physical Order Verification

Add list of IMEIs to the system received from the vendor in bulk. Scan the phones through the barcode to verify if the correct phones have been received. Once each phone is scanned, its IMEI is added and cross-checked with the existing list so that no item is lost.

Faster Recall

If the information on each handset has been stored effectively, it will become easier to recall stock from retailers and send back to suppliers. Because the IMEI can be searched easily, it will make it far more efficient to identify particular phones from a lot or batch.

IMEI Tracking Software Helps in Mobile Repairing

Through the IMEI numbers, phones can be categorized into batches by similarity in model or defects. Once the phones have been repaired, they can be shifted to an entirely separate stock of refurbished phones in the system.

Serialized Inventory Tracking

Tracking inventory through IMEI tracking software provides serialized numbers which can increase the precision of inventory management. When wholesalers receive the list of IMEIs from their supplier, they already have the data synchronized across different entities. So, when phones are divided into various batches from the lots, they can easily be tracked and organized without having to create a new tracking system.

Easier Cell Phone Distribution

Mobile phone devices of the same model look very similar and can only be differentiated by the unique IMEI numbers. Hence, it makes it easier to distribute phones because information about the customer is being recorded against their purchased IMEIs. In cases of security of compliance requirements, reports can be generated for sale of each phone along with their IMEIs.


IMEI tracking Software is not only important from a compliance perspective, but also to provide better value to customers and strengthening internal control processes. ERP Gold has all the features necessary for serialization of inventory management. It is an all-in-one ERP software for cell phone repair, cell phone distribution, cell phone IMEI tracking, and cell phone inventory management.  It has multiple features for both wholesalers and retailers that allow them to reduce errors and losses while maximizing workflow through efficient organization of inventory.

AdminWhy Keeping Track of IMEI/ESN Numbers Is Necessary In The Cell Phone Industry