5 Key Reasons Why a Cell Phone Wholesaler Would Need an IMEI Tracking Inventory Management Software

on October 19, 2019

Cell phone wholesalers and retailers run a unique business process that is heavily reliant on best inventory management practices. They often require serial number inventory management software for your entire stock inventory control by serial number. We’ve already covered why small businesses need an ERP software in the past, but now we’ll be focusing on smartphone/ cellphone businesses in particular.

IMEI Tracking Software

Streamlining of Processes

A cell phone wholesaler may import huge quantities of phones which can even be containers full. These lots need to go through entire processes of sorting, testing, and grading of each phone. This is a time-consuming process which requires streamlining tasks of each department so that they can work efficiently without errors or bottlenecks.

Serial Number Inventory Management Software

Inventory tracking involves a lot of data input, especially of the 15-digit IMEI numbers. Maintaining IMEI numbers is important to ensure safety and security. Imagine the hurdles an individual may face if they were to manually track item codes against each IMEI number, and then having to reconcile them against purchase orders. It sure leaves a huge space open for mistakes to occur.

Easy Barcode Scanning

An ERP system will make data input easier through barcode scanning. Manually entering IMEI numbers will make sure that the correct number is added without duplication or errors.

Efficient Collaboration with Suppliers

Create customized processes and categories for grading phones. During the testing phase, you can easily generate reports and print them directly from the software so that they can be attached to the phone and sent forward to retailers or sent back for repairs.

Faster Purchase Order Synchronization

Make purchase order reports directly from the ERP system to forward to your suppliers, and reconcile IMEI numbers of the received phones through barcode scanning.

ERP Gold’s Serial Number Inventory Management Software has been specially designed to help cell phone wholesalers and retailers in managing their inventory. It offers a quick customizable inventory system, cellphone repair ticketing system, in addition to that, it also allows multi-channel integration with online selling platforms.

Some more features of our IMEI Inventory Management Solution are:

  • Cloud-Based Software
  • IMEI Tracking & Labelling
  • Repaired Devices Tracking
  • Purchase Order Generation
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Customized Report Generation
Admin5 Key Reasons Why a Cell Phone Wholesaler Would Need an IMEI Tracking Inventory Management Software