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Serialized Inventory Management Solutions

Serialized inventory tracking is a sophisticated method of monitoring individual units or items using unique serial numbers. This approach differentiates itself from SKU numbers, which identify product types. Serialization empowers you to meticulously trace an item throughout its entire lifecycle, encompassing production, testing, packaging, and distribution. The utilization of serialized inventory adds an unparalleled level of precision compared to conventional inventory control relying solely on SKU numbers.

In the automotive sector, these serialized inventory numbers take the form of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), while in the mobile electronics industry, they are referred to as IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Discover Precision with ERP Gold’s Serialized Inventory Management System

ERP Gold presents a comprehensive serialized inventory management system tailored to accommodate both VINs and IMEIs. Initially designed for the cellphone industry, where IMEI serial numbers are pivotal for tracking and managing inventory, our sophisticated solution extends its capabilities to diverse industries.

Whether your business operates in electronics, manufacturing, or retail, our flexible serialized inventory tracking system aligns seamlessly with your goals, enhancing inventory efficiency and productivity.

ERP Gold | Serialized Inventory Management Software

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Key Advantages of ERP Gold's Serialized Inventory Management System:

Global Compliance and Flexibility: 

Our system is designed to adapt to varying industry needs worldwide, ensuring that your business can meet specific requirements and compliance standards effortlessly.

Enhanced Traceability for Quality Assurance: 

Serialization facilitates meticulous traceability, elevating the quality and efficiency of devices and their components. This is particularly crucial in industries where precision is paramount.

Industry-Tailored Solutions: 

Tailored for the cellphone industry initially, our serialization inventory software proves its versatility by providing optimal solutions for various sectors. From manufacturing to retail, our system supports the diverse needs of businesses aiming for superior inventory control.

Efficient Inventory Management: 

Our flexible serialized inventory tracking capabilities empower businesses to not only track but also control and manage their inventory efficiently. This contributes to improved productivity and streamlines operational processes.

ERP Gold | Serialized Inventory Management Software

Features of Serialized (IMEI) Inventory Management for Cellphone Wholesalers, Retailers, and Repair Business

1. Real-time Visibility

Our serialized inventory management system provides real-time visibility at both SKU and IMEI levels. This feature is especially beneficial for cellphone wholesalers, retailers, and repair businesses, allowing them to track inventory seamlessly from the purchase order stage to resale with e-commerce partners. The system enables users to monitor items in testing, undergoing repairs, and those ready for resale

ERP Gold | Serialized Inventory Management Software

ERP Gold | Serialized Inventory Management Software

2. Automotive Industry Compliance

With heavy governmental regulations in the automotive industry, end-to-end traceability of components within each vehicle is crucial. ERP Gold’s serialized inventory management software is specifically designed to address these regulatory requirements, ensuring that electronic components and sensors are effectively tracked throughout the supply chain.

3. End-to-End Traceability

Accurate tracking of components is vital, and ERP Gold provides an end-to-end traceability system. Our cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates with e-commerce partners and marketplace vendors, enhancing efficiency, and accuracy, and ultimately saving time and money for businesses.

ERP Gold runs on phones, tablets, and desktops

Everything is cloud-based when QuickBooks Online is integrated with ERP Gold. Your secure SSL connection is easy to access from anywhere but encrypted for your safety

With integrated business operations, you have 24/7 real time visibility to your operations. You are able see the issues and adjust accordingly. Your reports are ready when you need them

Inventory import and barcode system compatibility means you can get up and running fast.

ERP Gold | Serialized Inventory Management Software

4. IMEI/VIN Traceability

Understanding the complexities of IMEI/VIN traceability, ERP Gold offers an all-in-one serialization module. From receiving to testing and fulfillment, our system ensures a seamless flow of inventory. Integration with multi-channel market partners facilitates a smooth inventory process.

5. Labeling and Automation

ERP Gold Serialized Inventory Management Software has everything you need to manage your IMEI / VIN inventory.  From receiving P.O.’s to Fulfillment, we create the digital paper trail you need to be compliant.  Our multi-channel integration allows you to sell on all your market place partners (Amazon, Walmart, E-bay, etc.) concurrently without changing platform.  The cloud-based system allows 24/7 visibility from anywhere in the world.

ERP Gold | Serialized Inventory Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is serialized inventory management?

Serialized inventory management involves tracking individual units through unique serial numbers, providing detailed control over each item’s lifecycle.

2. How does ERP Gold's solution benefit cellphone businesses?

Our solution offers real-time visibility, enabling tracking from purchase orders to resale. This is especially beneficial for cellphone wholesalers, retailers, and repair businesses.

3. Why is serialized inventory crucial in the automotive industry?

Heavy governmental regulations in the automotive sector demand end-to-end traceability of components, making serialized inventory management essential.

4. How does ERP Gold ensure end-to-end traceability?

We provide a comprehensive system with cloud-based integration, offering visibility at every stage of production or process.

5. What role does automation play in ERP Gold's solution?

Our solution automates inventory transfers and the digital paper trail, streamlining processes and ensuring accuracy in accounting software.