ERP Gold Software Pricing Details

With ERP Gold, it is easy to get started.  ERP Gold is a cloud –based inventory tracking and management software for all types of businesses, including manufacturing, warehousing, wholesaling and e-commerce retail.  We help small-to-medium businesses start-ups, and entrepreneurs to build, monitor, and grow their businesses.  Our pricing is simple, you pay based on the number of users and which modules you want.




Modules included (Dashboard, Point of Sales, CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting, Payroll, Reports)


Limits / Company
Data Size: 12 GB

Automation / Customization

24/7 Customer Support
Email / Portal / Phone



Additional Add-On Modules and Integrations (Manufacturing, Serialization, Shipping, and E-Commerce)


Manufacturing and Serialization


E-Commerce Integration
(Multi-Channel and Market Place)

ERP Gold Software Modules

ERP Gold Inventory tracking and control management software is a complete module system for small to medium sized businesses.  The software includes all the modules you need to successfully run your business.  The modules included are: Customer Resource Management (CRM), Point-of-Sales (POS), Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting, Payroll, and Reports.  Of course, our system comes with 24/7 Customer Support.  There are additional add-on modules and integrations available for more complex businesses, such as Manufacturing and Serialization.

CRM – Customer Resource Management

Our CRM is designed to help you efficiently track all your leads and prospects in your pipeline.  At any one time, the dashboard lets you know what is in your sales funnel, who is working on it, and how long the lead has been in your funnel.


Our Sales module is your customer hub which gives you all the information you need on all your customers, including all the transactions related to those customers.


As with the Sales Module, the Purchasing module is everything vendor-related.  You have the ability to create purchase orders, receive the inventory, and issue the payment.


Because inventory control is our mission, our inventory module does everything you need.  Inventory starts with the item master and expands from there.   If you need more advanced inventory tracking, click here to learn about our advanced inventory, including serialized, multi-channel, and customizable inventory control.


Our accounting module is home to your entire digital paper trial.  We automatically create the necessary entries for all the transactions that happen.  We have all the reports you need from Trial Balance, Income Statement, P&L, and everything in between.  If you are a QuickBooks user, we can seamlessly integrate so you won’t lose a beat.  Learn more about our QuickBooks Integration.


We have all the reports you need—Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Customers, Vendors, and more.  All of our reports are customizable, so your internal and external communications maintain the same look. Reports are available in the Report Center and also available within each module. If we don’t have the report, we will create it.

Additional Add-On Modules & Integrations

As the world has become more complex, ERP Gold Inventory Management software has expanded with additional modules and integrations.  With our Multi-channel Inventory solutions, we put your e-commerce partners and marketplace partners all on the same platform.  You have complete visibility of all your orders coming in, all your inventory (regardless of location), and all the orders going out.  And the digital paper trail is required.

Manufacturing Module

Regardless of the type of manufacturing you do, the ERP Gold Manufacturing software was built to handle your business.  From job shop to mass production, we track and control raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods.

Serialization Module

If your industry requires serialization, ERP Gold has developed the ultimate inventory control software you need for your IMEI or VIN serialization.

E-Commerce / Multi-Channel Integrations

With our E-Commerce / Multi-Channel integrations, we put all your e-commerce partners and marketplace partners on the same platform.  Our software not only supports your e-commerce platforms (i.e. Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce) but also supports all your online marketplaces (i.e. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart), giving you complete visibility to all your inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we have to pay monthly or can we pay annually?

Both, if you pay annually and you add users or features, they will be pro-rated accordingly.

2. If I need an Add-On module, do I pay by user by month?

No, the Add-On modules (Manufacturing, Serialization and E-Commerce Integrations are a flat fee each month, regardless of the number of users.

3. Do I have to use QuickBooks to use ERP Gold?

No, ERP Gold has an accounting module that is included with our software that has the same functionality.  If you are a current QuickBooks user, we can integrate with QuickBooks

4. How long do I receive customer support?

ERP Gold treats it’s customers like partners and offer support for our entire relationship

*Shipping module is $59/month