Benefits of Using Real Estate CRM Solution

on December 29, 2016

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Real Estate CRM: Real estate professional find it hard to manage all their numerous assignments without losing their mind. They look for new clients, monitor listings, ink people to the property, and create brochure and the leads. There are loads of documents required for multiple transactions to monitor.

To manage the all this Real estate CRM Software are the best solutions to adopt. It runs all you desired routine task and save you a lot of time and money.

What is Real estate CRM?

Real estate CRM is defined as a software solution with the purpose to automate the business process to manage sales and customers for the real estate agencies. It keeps better track of prospects, customers, and business partners.

Having a CRM allows you to manage your real estate business task through your Pc or mobile device. You just need a central database that contains all the information of your clients i.e. name, contact number, address, email and all the data for operations to be performed on them. There should also be a complete detail of leads and listings, goals and projects, documents and calendars to complete real estate tasks and assignments.

CRM offers a host of features for real estate business.


CRM control business process of real estate companies which enhance the performance and quality of operations. It automates the customer’s history tracking process for both repeated and future sales.  it helps the automatic uploading of information regarding properties to the requires real estate portals and websites and connect buyers with the ideal listings.


Real estate CRM offers integration to link it with different online Multiple listing Service (MLS). It automatically imports the listing for client’s portals, buyers, sellers and email marketing. It allows viewing and managing details of selected property its rating and referrals. It facilitates property management and helps to run it smoothly.

Sales Management

Sales Management - Real Estate CRM

As it keeps track of the history of client’s deals and previous purchase, it helps analyze the client’s behavior for your upcoming products. It allows to estimate the volume of the deals, log offers, and showcase listing and to manage the sales pipeline.

Reporting tools of CRM help to find out the average price of current listing for per square meter or average time the property spends on the market.

Controlled Workflow

Real estate CRM solutions are helpful in the better management of task and assignment to save your time and energy. You no longer need to worry about late or forgotten appointments. Automatic reminders will keep you informed and updated for your routine tasks and scheduled events.  You can make a to-do list for a day, week or a month. You can synchronize your day planner to your laptop or phone to keep track of all the activities.

Lead Management feature of CRM will allow you to preserve your lead for future sales. Through custom workflow, you can create tasks, appointments and follow-up the reminder for every lead. It can keep a record of all interactions such as emails and calls with your prospects.

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